Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 College Catalog 
2024-2025 College Catalog

Business Management (223) Certificate

Purpose: This program complements the Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership  CSC and Supervision  CSC by sharpening technical, human relations, and conceptual skills. Students acquire a deep and rich appreciation for the forces driving organizational performance and how to manage time and resources to achieve organizational outcomes. This certificate also advances the student towards the AAS in Management degree.

Educational or Occupational Objectives: Virginia Peninsula’s Business Management certificate program is designed with local businesses in mind. This certificate provides valuable skills for supervisory and mid-level management positions in a variety of industries and advances students towards the AS Management  degree.

Admission Requirements: Students should be proficient in basic keyboarding before entering this program.



This program is fully accessible and can be completed through eCampus (web-based learning) or students can learn in a traditional classroom environment.

Possible Career Opportunities

To review a listing of possible career opportunities available upon completion of this program, please visit the VA Wizard at https://www.vawizard.org/vccs/Main.action.

Semester Total Credits 15

Semester Total Credits 15

Total Minimum Credits 30

Program Information (ABHS)

For additional information about this program visit the Arts, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences web page, stop by room 4119 Hampton IV, phone 757-825-2799, or email abhs@vpcc.edu.

Students may take courses in the summer session where available. Please consult with an academic advisor to review course scheduling options. Students are encouraged to speak with a financial aid advisor to determine funding eligibility.