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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information

Instructional and Departmental Staff

(All phone numbers are included in the 757- area code.) All offices are located in Hampton unless specified otherwise.

Academic Affairs (academics@vpcc.edu)                                        


Vice President for Academic Affairs Kerry Ragno   4219 Hampton IV 825-2952
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Fairchild   323A Hastings Hall  
Executive Assistant Angela Robinson   4218 Hampton IV 825-2952
Canvas Administrator & Academic Technology Jason Vance   323E Hastings Hall 825-2819
Coordinator of Master Scheduling Julie Lambert   323B Hastings Hall 825-2953
Curriculum Specialist Kim Allen   323B Hastings Hall 825-2914
Dual Enrollment Coordinator Maggie Haley   208 Griffin Hall 825-2801
Dual Enrollment Coordinator Linda Hubbard   117N Historic Triangle Campus 258-6527
Dual Enrollment Coordinator Camile Sims   117R Historic Triangle Campus 258-6525

Arts, Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences Division (abhs@vpcc.edu)

Dean Nicole Currier   4116 Hampton IV 825-2802
Associate Dean Myleah Kerns   4115 Hampton IV 825-2991
Administrative Assistant Roslyn Upshur   4118 Hampton IV 825-2799


Art and Photography Cece Wheeler   419 Hastings Hall 825-3608
Liberal Arts Sandra Calderon-Doherty   207K Historic Triangle Campus 258-6594


Accounting Kelly Hines   433B Hastings Hall 825-3667
Business Administration and Management Robert Askew   4117 Hampton IV 825-3863


Communication Anthony Fotinos   721 Hampton III 825-2789


English Dawn Hayden   321A Historic Triangle Campus 258-6609
English Fundamentals Michael Weiser   316 Hastings Hall 825-3802


Humanities/Philosophy/Religion Alandra Giron-Simmons   321J Historic Triangle Campus 258-6502

Social Sciences

History & Geography Stacey Schneider   313E Historic Triangle Campus 258-6646
Political Science & Social Science Leo Keneally   304 Hastings Hall 825-2761
Psychology Jennifer Morey   4120 Hampton IV 825-3682
Sociology Scott Reid   825-2786

World Languages

World Languages Alandra Giron-Simmons   321J Historic Triangle Campus 258-6502

Public Safety, Allied Health, and Human Services Division (psahhs@vpcc.edu)

Dean Paul Long   747 Hampton III 825-2808
Director of Allied Health & PED Jennifer Jones   747C Hampton III 258-6642
Administrative Assistant, Nursing Kristin May   747B Hampton III 825-3894
Administrative Assistant, Fire and EMS Mitzi Williams   747 Hampton III 825-3674
Administrative Assistant, Dental Hygiene LaShawn Littles   313G Historic Triangle Campus 258-6531
Administration of Justice Dave Coffey   415 Hastings Hall 825-2787
Administrative Support Technology Cyndy Somerset   425B Hastings Hall 825-2742
Dental Hygiene Kelly Tanner   212E Historic Triangle Campus 258-6610
Drivers Education  Steven Rose   747 Hampton III 825-2808
Early Childhood Development Teresa Frazier   328 Hastings Hall 825-3550
Economics Ian Taylor   825-2892
Fire & EMS/Health & Physical Ed Jeff Bonavita   710 Hampton III 825-3641
Human Services Keisha Samuels   327 Hastings Hall 825-3669
Paralegal Studies Amy Anderson   206H Historic Triangle Campus 258-6589
Nursing - Lead Sirena Sears   747C Hampton III 825-3844

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Division (stemoffice@vpcc.edu)

Dean Scott Stauble   321A Hastings Hall 825-2898
Associate Dean Beth Dickens   321C Hastings Hall 825-2947
Administrative Assistant Keisha Matthews   321 Hastings Hall 825-3679

Computer Science

Computer Science Sally Schaffner   300A Hastings Hall 825-2992

Engineering and Engineering Technologies

Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation & Refrigeration Terrance Scott   320 Hastings Hall 825-2896
Automotive Technology Mark Burge   500 Automotive Building 825-3859
Computer Aided Drafting and Design Technology Edward Morris   322 Hastings Hall 825-3624
Electrical Engineering Technology Sally Schaffner   300A Hastings Hall 825-2992
Engineering Ji Hyon Mun   421B Hastings Hall 825-2930
Industrial Technology Jean Frank   306 Hastings Hall 825-2947
Mechanical Engineering Technology Julie Young   414 Hastings Hall 825-3622
Mechatronics Rich Wilcox   C37 New Horizons 766-1100 x3321

Information Systems Technology

CISCO/Cyber Security/Information Systems Tech/IT Michael Mann   421D Hastings Hall 825-2817
Geographical Information Systems Cherie Aukland   207E Historic Triangle Campus 258-6592


Mathematics/Developmental Mathematics Rimma Feygelson   421A Hastings Hall 825-2920
Mathematics Tatiana Golub   207G Historic Triangle Campus 253-4298
Developmental Mathematics Marie Struble   207F Historic Triangle Campus 253-4322


Biology Shaheem Abrahams   207C Historic Triangle Campus 258-6590
Chemistry Lucinda Spryn   321F Historic Triangle Campus 258-6659
Geology Peter Berquist   321D Historic Triangle Campus 258-6643
Physics Elena Kuchina   304 Historic Triangle Campus 825-2745

Library and Learning Resource Center

Director of Library Services Kady Fortier   227C Wythe Hall 825-2868
Distance Learning Librarian Robert Harrison   227B Wythe Hall 825-3829
Librarian, Tutoring Coordinator   227A Wythe Hall 825-2878
Math Instructional Assistant Vickie Herzog   Tutoring - Wythe Hall 258-6515
Math Instructional Assistant Elizabeth Rizzatto   Tutoring - Wythe Hall 825-2884
Math Instructional Assistant Leonid Lembersky   Tutoring - Wythe Hall 825-2818
Library Technology Specialist Donald Carr   Library - Wythe Hall 258-6511

Enrollment Management and Student Success

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success Daniela Cigularova   4223 Hampton IV 825-2810
Interim Dean for Community Partnerships and Student Success Jeannetta Hollins   327 Hastings Hall 825-3669
Executive Assistant Demetra Lilliston   4217 Hampton IV 825-3810

Enrollment Management

Registrar and Dean of Enrollment Management Mary Kanani   200 Griffin Hall 825-3886
Associate Registrar Patricia Reese   200 Griffin Hall 825-2844
Associate Director of Admissions Corey Buttram   200 Griffin Hall  
Admissions Specialist   206 Griffin Hall 825-2980
Admissions Specialist   208 Griffin Hall 825-2978
Graduation Specialist Charity Hancock   200 Griffin Hall 825-2846
Transfer Credit Evaluation Specialist Edie Gilbert   208 Griffin Hall 825-3517
Registration Specialist Cathy Murrow   208 Griffin Hall 825-2975

Information Services

Senior Specialist Lynette Banks   200 Griffin Hall 825-2704
Specialist Felicia Woodard   200 Griffin Hall 825-1104

Academic Advising

 Director of Advising   201 Griffin Hall

Hampton Advising Office

    201 Griffin Hall 825-2590
Academic Advisor Miisha Clemons   201D Griffin Hall 825-3521
Academic Advisor Veronica Dempsey   201A Griffin Hall 825-3647
G3 Academic Advisor Seth Fisher   201C Griffin Hall 825-2852
Academic Advisor Ted Tweel   201J Griffin Hall 825-2963
Presidential Fellow, Minority Male Success Initiative Antonio Dill-Word   201 Griffin Hall 825-2831

Historic Triangle Student Services

    117 Historic Triangle Campus 258-6529
Academic Advisor Sonia Burford   117 Historic Triangle Campus 258-6532
Academic Advisor Carmen Croswell   117 Historic Triangle Campus 258-6533

Southeast Higher Education Center

Interim Dean for Community Partnerships Jeannetta Hollins   5720 Marshall Avenue, Newport News 825-3669
Southeast Presidential Fellow Marion Clifton   5720 Marshall Avenue, Newport News 283-7820 ex. 63532

Retention & Student Services

Dean Valerie Burge Hall   117J Historic Triangle Campus 253-4881
Associate Director for Accessibility Services   201D Griffin Hall 825-2833
Coordinator of Student Life and Leadership Kadisia Archer   224 Griffin Hall 825-2861

Department of Athletics

Director of Athletics Christopher Moore   201C Griffin Hall 825-2988
Coordinator of Athletics Angela Jackson   201C Griffin Hall 825-2887
Administrative Assistant William Morris   201C Griffin Hall 825-2988


Director Monette Dutch    221U Griffin Hall 825-3549
Project Coordinator LaRai Petway   106E Historic Triangle Campus 253-6537
Counselor   221V Griffin Hall 825-2913
Office Manager Natasha Woods   221T Griffin Hall 825-3882

Finance and Administration

Vice President for Finance and Administration Steven Carpenter   4220 Hampton IV 825-2717
Executive Assistant Geraldine Mathey   4216 Hampton IV 825-2717

Financial Aid, Veterans and Scholarships

Director Marc Vernon   214F Griffin Hall 825-2851
Assistant Director, Financial Aid Mayra Vazquez   214B Griffin Hall 825-2850
Manager, Financial Aid Lisa Smith   209A Griffin Hall 825-2848
Manager, Veteran Services Brandie Weaver   253 Wythe Hall 825-2912
Veteran Services Coordinator Katheryn Carbaugh   253 Wythe Hall 825-3858
Veritas Liaison David Lannon   253 Wythe Hall 825-3442
Financial Aid Advisor Antoinette McCarter   209 Griffin Hall 825-2932
Financial Aid Advisor Krystle McMahan   117B Historic Triangle Campus 258-6526
Administrative Assistant Helen Stallings   209 Griffin Hall 825-3538
Financial Aid Processor Felicia Carter   214E Griffin Hall 825-3538
Financial Aid Processor Cassandra Creech   214 Griffin Hall 825-3889
Financial Aid Processor Renee’ Davis   214 Griffin Hall 825-2840